Let Fluffy Find Your Perfect Spring Jam

10 April, 2014

Let's get the most out of these months between the heartbreaking darkness and despair that is Winter and the can't-be-hyped-enough life-affirming splendor that is Summer.


 By Travis Carr




The temperatures are changing and the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing: Summer is almost here! But first we have to get through Spring, a sometimes unfairly forgotten season.  To help get the most out of these months between the heartbreaking darkness and despair that is Winter and the can't-be-hyped-enough life-affirming splendor that is Summer, I've put together a little guide to finding your perfect Spring Jam.





If you think CHVRCHES would be better without the other two bros we recommend:

Allie X - Catch



And that's not to do a disservice to the up-and-coming Toronto songstress, who serves us as fully-formed a pop debut as I've heard with electro earworm "Catch."  While her 80s synthsarereminiscent of CHVRCHES, the song's Cronenbergian body horror and sweeping theatricality are all Allie X.  And notice how she takes a pop cliché like "catch my breath" and twists it into a menacing threat: just you WAIT.  And hey, if it's good enough to be Katy Perry's spring jam than it's certainly good enough to be yours.  Bonus: she just popped follow-up "Prime" onto the Internet and oh boy it's just as good. 






If you just wanna spend springtime making out al fresco with your boo we recommend:

SZA - Childs Play (feat. Chance The Rapper)



With the aid of avant-garde producer XXYYXX and Chance The Rapper at his most stream-of-consciousness, breathy R&B crooner SZA has made a damn near perfect makeout song.  This is ready to soundtrack some tongue on tongue action in the great outdoors and don't be ashamed to just put it on repeat for a while.  SZA and Chance may "wonder how it used to was," but if there's anything I know after listening to "Childs Play" its that I'm painfully alone there is a reason the birds and the bees are at it come spring. 






If you are better than everybody else and know it we recommend:

Iggy Azalea - Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)



Now this is a JAM in the most basic and obvious sense of the word; we dare you to go the rest of the day without singing Charli's hook.  "Fancy" is a bratty schoolyard taunt in the best way possible, taking down haters with barely the bat of an eye.  Iggy has always been a proficient rapper, but she's never put out a song this immediate, this catchy, or this fun.  And after seeing the accompanying Clueless homage music video I think you'll agree that if any song could fix the budget crisis, cure cancer, and figure out whatever the hell is going on in Ukraine it's this one.   






If sometimes it's just hard to leave your room we recommend:

Craft Spells - Breaking the Angle Against the Tide



The hushed romanticism of California's Craft Spells returns now with the added bonus of a gorgeous string section.  A different sonic direction from the goth synths of their debut, "Breaking" is a gleaming majestic wistful thing equal parts fragile and dynamic.  This is sitting alone in your room with your headphones clamped on music.  However, and though the group does implore you to "stay inside," I have an inkling that this would sound just as good sprawled out in a park.  But, hey, I ain't forcing you and you did just drop quite a bit of cash on that new duvet so might as well make use of it… 






If sometimes the comforting arms of Top 40 is all you need we recommend:

Lily Allen - Our Time



The oft-controversial pop star is back after a long hiatus from music with the brilliantly titledSheezus, from which we've already heard "Hard Out Here" and delightfully loopy "Air Balloon." Next up is this anthemic, lighters-up ode to all-night partying and living in the now.  Though it does dabble in some hoary pop clichés like dancing "the night away" and not giving "a damn what people say", it still retains Allen's personal touch.  For example we learn that she has every DefJam record ever which is impressive; also she draws the line at benzos so don't even ask.  Trite? Maybe.  Effective? Hell yes.






If sometimes you just can't with the patriarchy we recommend:

The Coathangers - Follow Me



Spring may not seem like the most punk of seasons, but Atlanta-based outfit The Coathangers is here to see what they can do about that.  Single "Follow Me" is the right amount of raucous energy to help you get over your Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it's music video, in which members of Mastodon imitate the all-female band and mug for the camera, is hilarious.  






If you use any social situation as an excuse to dance we recommend:

Shamir - If It Wasn't True



I can't think of a song better suited to spontaneous dancing than this downright groovy slice of modern house from Florida teen Shamir.  We should also point out the fact that this is his DEBUT.  I also also need to point out that writing this section has been taking me forever because I keep hitting repeat and I keep dancing in my chair and I'm apparently incapable of typing and doing shoulder rolls at the same time. 







If you wish it was still winter we recommend:

EMA - 3Jane



Known for the gut-wrenching lyricism and naked emotion of her 2011 albumPast Life Martyred Saints,2014 finds the Erika M. Andersson struggling with the "modern disease" that is The Internet.   Such a song could easily become laughably self-serious, but EMA's biting lyrics, restrained delivery, and controlled production keep it from veering into indulgence.  This is not music made for springtime revelry, and that's totally fine.  So what if the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the frost is melting; sometimes you still need to wrap yourself in your nearest black hoodie, shut your eyes and have a good ol' think about What It All Means.