Warpaint - Warpaint

07 March, 2014
By Eoin Hanlon
Warpaint's much anticipated return has been nothing short of painstaking to wait for. After the incredible debut album The Fool, released back in 2010, Warpaint have finally returned with their self-titled second album; a record shrouded in psychedelic ambience and trip-hop wizardry, but still driven by that post-punk sound that the band are known for. The all female LA quartet comprising of Emily Kokal (vocals/guitar/synth), Theresa Wayman (guitar/keyboard), Jenny-Lee Lindberg (bass), and Stella Mozgawa (drums) have evolved into a band of humble intimacy to ethereal serenity and what was regarded about the band is now solidified; Warpaint are a band oozing with talent.

Warpaint have managed to achieve in creating a psychedelic landscape that carefully invites the listeners to completely immerse themselves into the ambient nature of the album. It entices you from the gorgeous Intro that slides effortlessly into Keep it Healthy, leading into the first single of the album, Love is to Die. The structure of the album is nothing short of genius, and having Flood produce the album alongside the band clearly demonstrates the control that they have over the sound of their music as well as the creative process. Nigel Godrich mixed the LP, and the result given is absolutely stunning. It's also clear that Godrich's work with Radiohead has had a particular influence on Warpaint, and that is translated wonderfully into the latest album with the minimalist and tranquil ebbs and flows that occur between tracks.

Lyrically, Warpaint have refined their use of words and have transformed their lyrics into poetry; hushed wonderings or sheepish implications, forever skirting the ambiguity of love in a romantic yet subdued way. It's endearing in moments and emotionally soothing in others, however there is a tone of desperation and uncertainty which leaves the listener on edge while listening, which is deliciously sinister and ominous at points.

The exterior influences that have been made present in the latest album are translated in a way that makes the combination of indie-rock, psychedelic trip-hop, electronic ambience and post-punk work like a dream. The resulting sound of the record is delicate and fragile, which is accentuated with the gradual layering of instruments before the melody blends them together in harmony. It feels intimate and secure, unintentionally sexy; like returning to bed in the middle of the night and finding your lover asleep half-covered by the quilt.

Warpaint is an album that takes effort for the listener to enjoy, it's hauntingly beautiful and Emily alongside the backing vocals supplied by the rest of the band are able to coo you in like sirens. They've created a technically great album and more importantly, it's an album that shows creative progression.




Primary Genre: Indie-rock

Secondary Genre: Post-punk, Trip-Hop

Release Date: January 17th, 2014

Label: Rough Trade Records

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Album Highlights: Keep it Healthy, Love is to Die, Biggy, Teese, Disco//Very, Drive


Warpaint - Love Is To Die





Warpaint - Biggy