Tycho - Awake

18 March, 2014

By Sam Ralph



Scott Hansen, known by the name Tycho, is not just a composer, but a well-known graphic artist operating under the name ISO50. His music very much reflects his background, it is almost like a musical version of a filtered Instagram photo of a sunset in some forgotten utopia. His latest release, Awake, is a contemplatative work of intricate and delicate construction, a perfect soundtrack to the oncoming summer or a chillout after one of those particularly intense nights of partying.


It occupies the dreamy spaces between post-rock, ambient and chillwave, and is not a work to be listened intently to but more one to play in the background and let slowly wash over you. A lot of thought and hard work has quite obviously gone into every song, and all have their own qualities, although this is not the kind of album where single songs stand out, it should be listened to as a complete work. The use of organic sounds such as guitar and drums works well, giving a sense of emotion and personality that perhaps cannot be gained by using only synths. This is complemented by professionally smooth production.


For the purpose it serves, the album is by all means a success. Although there is nothing new here, it very much continues from the types of sounds used in his last album Dive, with Awake Tycho has once again shown that he, is one of the forerunners in this deep and thoughtful area of music.





Primary Genre:
Secondary Genres: Chillwave, Post-rock
Release Date:  March 18th, 2014

Label: Ghostly International
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Album highlights: AwakeMontana, Spectre




Tycho - Montana




Tycho - Awake