The Pierces - You and I

12 March, 2012

By  Katerina Antonopoulou

If you asked most people who their favourite American sisters are, most would probably say the Olsen twins. Tough luck. For me it would be the Pierce sisters. Genuine Alabama girls, Allison and Catherine  first showed up on my radar about 4 years ago with their album "Thirteen Tales of Love ang Revenge". Their soft melodies in combination with their tongue in cheek lyrics were one of the best soundtracks for my weekends for months. So when in May 2011 they released their fourth album titled "You and I" which was produced by Coldplay's bassist Guy Berryman, I was overly excited. Lesson to be learned there peeps. Never get excited with something you haven't heard. Even if it's the latest and long awaited  album of your favourite folk rock band.


"You and I" is definitely the commercial breakthrough for the sisters. Albeit definetely one they deserved and one which should have happenned years ago. And therein lies the shame. With their first single "You 'll be mine" they have already become radio sensations. Which on one hand is a good thing, since the song steps right on the tracks the sisters set with "Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge" but on the other hand, this album is simply not  their best work. They have succeeded once more in creating captivating melodies but lost is their wicked humor and cynical attitude once so characteristic of their lyrics. Everything seems to be more clean-cut and somewhat  more melodramatic. Berryman has helped them transform from mischieving wondering girls to superstars in the making that are here to stay.


The track opener of the album "You'll be mine" hovers around the sound that made The Pierces well known in the first place. A song with a 70's feeling that leaves you wanting more with lyrics that get stuck in your mind on repeat whereas "It will not be forgotten" is a well writen folk pop song about heartache and a lost love. "Love you more" steals your attenttion from the very first seconds due to the dirty rock 'n roll intro. Quite logical since the song feautures Strokes Albert Hammond Jr. in the guitar aka Catherine's ex. "We are stars" and "Kissing you Goodbye" are yet two more intimate, self exposing songs from the sisters but alas they find me tired and apathetic because of their repeatitiveness and their melancholia. "Glorious" is a 60's sounding track and a slight homage to the sisters hippie parental background. One that might make you feel uncomfortable if you listen carefully to the lyrics"God bless the world, it's so glorious. God bless the ones we've loved. God bless the ones we've lost. God bless the world, it's so glorious".


"The Good Samaritan" could easily be used in a Tarantino movie in the scene where the girl has just shot the man who brutally killed the man of her life and walks away in silence. "Close my eyes" reminds my again the playfull melodies the sisters are known for creating and the combination of their voices satisfies me enough to put aside the fact that the song sometimes reminds me one of those 90's slow dancing songs you end up hearing in elevators… "Space and Time" is perhaps one of the most captivating and honest tracks of "You and I". Especially if you consider that the album was mostly written after Catherine broke up withHammond. "Drag you Down" is the one track from the whole album that, hosanna, reminds me that The Pierces I knew and loved are still there. They still have that kick ass, spit it at your face attitude that makes you wonder how two drop dead gorgeous girls can so easily create sultry melodies. When I first listened to "I Put Your Records On" I got confused and thought that I was listening to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. And although I have very fond feelings for Jenny Lewis, I got dissapointed that I forgot I was listening to The Pierces.


When all is said and done, this is the album that will most likely make them well known to the public. But it's not the album the hard core fans will appreciate. 




Primary Genre: Folk Rock

Subgenre: Indie

Release Date: 23 May 2011

Label: Polydor

InfluencesJoni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel.

Like This And You'll Probably Also Like:  Jenny Lewis and The Watson twins 

Album Highlights: You'll be mine, Glorious, Love You More 









"Clean, wholesome and polished. So upon the first listen, this was not really my kind of thing. A second and third session started to convert me somewhat, and I can now say they're certainly worth checking out 6.5/10"




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