Temples - Sun Structures

12 May, 2014

By Sirikorn Green



If you've read anything at all about Temples, you might know that Noel Gallagher's dubbed them the new best band in Britain, Johnny Marr likes them and they're supporting Suede. For a band formed in 2012, they have had some very impressive feedback.


So I was somewhat disappointed when I began listening to their album for the first time and thought them nothing special. I had heard the single, Shelter Song, previously, and all seemed promising. From the jangly, Rickenbacker-esque guitar at the start to the reverb-heavy voice and lack of bass, it sounds much closer to something from the 1960s than 2014, while still managing to sound fresh. It's catchy, short and a great opener to the album. However, as the album progresses through most of the first half, it initially appears there's no magic there. It's not that I found it 'bad' music: far from it. But they're not pushing any boundaries - it's psychedelic but safe. They sound like a band channelling their idols from the past - think: The Byrds, T.Rex, and personally I feel some of the druggier Beatles material and a bit of early Oasis. Although they succeed at creating that sound, there's nothing new or inventive. Early on, the album becomes pleasant but unimportant background noise.


However, 'Sun Structures' seems to be one of those albums that grows on the listener. It may not be ground-breaking, but I can see why Temples have been praised so much. Not only is Shelter Song a good tune, but Move with the Season is slow and interesting with a lazy summer vibe. Some of the songs occasionally have a subtle harp in the background, which is cheating slightly as anything with a harp is automatically pretty. Colours To Life is more upbeat with almost glorious synth sounds making the song instantly atmospheric before dropping back to a simpler guitar, drums and vocals setup. Even my previous 'background noise' tracks (the title track, Sun Structures and The Golden Throne) sound lively and neatly crafted after a couple of times hearing them.


Overall, it's a good listen, and as a whole, 'Sun Structures' seems an especially apt title for Temples' debut. It's quintessential bright, summer music, a return to the 60s; and they know how to write a decent tune. It's not going to change anyone's life (except possibly theirs) but it makes me want more from them, to see how they progress. I feel like they need to come into their own more, to keep their influences, but stop channelling them so perfectly and instead try to channel themselves. Because despite how it can be criticised, the album does have a certain charm.







Primary genre: Indie rock


Secondary genre: Psychedelic rock


Release date:  February 5th, 2014


Label: Heavenly


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Album highlights: Shelter Song, Colours To Life, Keep In The Dark






Temples - Shelter Song




Temples - Colours To Life