Sebastien Tellier - My God Is Blue

11 September, 2012

By Nixxie,


My first  experience listening to Sebastien Tellier came as a hugely entertaining surprise to me. It was back in London in 2008, when, as was my yearly tradition back then, I would get together with friends from all over to hear Terry Wogan make insanely funny remarks about the Eurovision song contest and its participants. 2008 was probably the first time (ever) for me that I actually got so motivated by a song that I picked up the phone and voted 6 or 7 times in quick succession.


The song was Divine (in more ways than one), the artist, a sun-glass wearing, fully-bearded (as is his trademark look) Tellier backed up by equally bearded and bespectacled back-up singers. Not only did I instantly love the song, but I immediately loved the performers antics on stage. As the song starts, he enters the stage in what looks like a golf cart, and is carrying an inflatable globe, which he later proceeds to inhale in order to make his voice funny. All this at a Eurovision that most people participating in consider a serious event (his song eventually got a measly 47 points, yet another great reason for me loving it).


So suffice it to say, Mr Tellier got me hooked on his eccentricism right from the get go. I rushed out to buy his full length release form that same year, Sexuality, although in all honestly nothing really compared to how I felt during that Eurovision. Which is why when I first heard of his latest effort, My God Is Blue, I approached it with a fair amount of nervous apprehension, the kind you get when you really don't want to be let down by someone you respect but are worried about what might happen if indeed you are.


I needn't have worried. My God Is Blue, produced by French DJ Mr Flash, did not disappoint me. It's a twelve-track concept album where the artist further explores his idea of a utopic community he calls L'Alliance Bleue. The songs and the inspiration behind them is very diverse. You have your fair share of slower-paced tunes, such as My Poseidon, which incidentally was done in collaboration with Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and The Colour Of Your Mind, the second track on the album which really did the trick for me when I first heard it.


A lot of the other songs I really enjoyed here were mid-tempo catchy synth-pop tunes where Mr Tellier uses his highly evocative vocal skills to good use. A great example of this is the fantastic Sedulous, a testament to the artist's proficient song-writing skills. It might not all be serious, like on the tongue-in-cheek Against The Law ("Quoi faire pour lui, pour elle; mais c'est quoi cette histoire de coiffeur, c'est n'importe quoi"), but the musicianship (Tellier is an accomplished guitarist apart from everything else) pulls it off regardless.

Russian Attractions is another little gem on this album (and I also liked its official video) and Cochon Ville has already featured on a lot of DJ's playlists, from Aeroplane to the Magician (who has also remixed it, to critical acclaim), so that also says somethnig about how people have responded so far. 


There isn't too much filler on here; the few tracks I didn't enjoy massively were Mayday, which simply didn't work for me in any way, and the opener Pepito Bleu, which I found somewhat tedious. Yet even these tracks were OK enough for me to wholeheartedly get nicely tangled-up in the album as a whole.


This album is a must for anyone who likes just immersing themself in drifty, dreamlike ambiences carried beautifully by this French master of the eccentric.






Primary Genre: Synth-pop


Subgenre: International


Release Date: 16 April 2012


Label: Record Makers


Influences: Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Michel Jarre, Prince


Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: Air, Kavinsky, Phoenix, Daft Punk


Album Highlights:  Sedulous, Cochon Ville, Against The Law, Russian Attractions

















"I'm so so glad I wasn't disapointed in the slightest, great work Mr Tellier! 7.5/10"






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