Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away

22 February, 2013

By C. Mike


I am a late Cave fan, admittedly and shyly declared. You see, I always adored his dark twisted persona dancing like an angel from Hell and spitting words of wisdom and unspoken truth. Even after all his great 90's records (Henry's Dream, The Good Son, etc) though, I couldn't really connect with his majesty.


Then, in 2005, him and Warren Ellis (his Sancho Panza left hand, only taller and thinner) composed a beautiful soundtrack for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, almost as imposing as the film itself.


And that made it. Just like that, he transformed himself into my eyes from a New Wave artist to a true visionary with much more to give than just rock n'roll.


You can see that built up here in this gem of an album where he and those Bad Seeds tame up their horses and unleash a slow building, fire eating music universe where all seems quiet at first listen, but if you keep listening, it gets tenser and harder, glorious and angrier than all his 90's more rock n roll stuff.


Musically, the songs have a blast of ideas and silent noises coming from all places, shyly at first and without making much of an impact, but the next day you wake up, they have transformed themselves into something bigger than music itself.



Warren Ellis with his loops, Rhodes, viola and violin and an array of more instruments finds space to add on Cave's mystically beautiful lyrics.


Moreover it is his words and the way he sings them so magically, resembling even more one of his longtime heroes, Leonard Cohen. Please pay attention: 

On "Jubilee Street", a personal favorite, he declares that "I oughta have practiced what I preach / these days I go down town in my tie and tails /  I got a foetus on a leash".


On "Higgs Boson Blues", another slow building highlight, he warns us that "Here comes Lucifer with his canon law / and 100 black babies running from his genocidal jaw".


On "We Real Cool", he asks "Who was it you called the good shepherd / rounding up the kids for their meal / who chased your shadow running out behind / clinging to your high-flying heels".


The man is 55. Producing this kind of music is a wonder that has to be embraced by the old fans and discovered by the young ones. It's not a Bad Seeds record as such, there is no Mick Harvey in it and the guitars take a break throughout. But, it's a record that will keep you excited over and over again with its simplicity and innovation.


As Nick states on the final song "And if you feel you got everything you came for / if you got everything and you don't want more / You've gotta keep on pushing / Push the sky away".


And in a world where people are being exhausted from the overconsumption of arts and plenty of bad music, not to mention the mediocrity that the social media and bad TV produce and impose on their lives, Nick Cave emerges as the messiah of change and he keeps pushing the sky away even though he is 55. Paradoxical, isn't it?






Primary Genre:  Rock


Subgenre:  New Wave


Release Date:  18 February 2013


Label:    Bad Seed ltd


Influences:    Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave


Like This And You'll Probably Also Like:   Leonard Cohen, Grinderman, Tom Waits 


Album Highlights:   We Real Cool, Higgs Boson Blues, Jubilee Street, Water's edge 





Jubilee Street





We No Who U R






Higgs Boson Blues













"I too must confess to being a late developer in terms of Cave appreciation, but I can now easily saw I'm hooked. I really enjoyed Jubilee Street, but I absolutely loved Finishing Jubilee Street, to mention but two of the many gems in this album 8/10 "


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