Memory Tapes - Grace/Confusion

07 November, 2012

By Chrijs


Dayve Hawk, aka Memory Tapes, comes back on Carpark, with his 3rd album, "Grace / Confusion" scheduled for release on December 4th. Based in New Jersey, Dayve Hawk used to be the frontman for Philadelphia band Hail Social and has since 2009 decided to go solo, first with projects Memory Cassette, then Weird Tapes, and finally merging both aliases to become Memory Tapes.


Rapidly categorized as "chillwave" with his first album "Seek Magic" (2009) and its standalone hit "Bicycle", Memory Tapes represented the indie / electronic scene proudly alongside Washed Out and some others. Blending his dance and pop influences intelligently & naturally, his 1st album smelled like the sun on your skin at a day out on the beach.


3 years later, nearly 4, chillwave is permanently gone, as is glo-fi (WTF), dreambeat, witch house or any other trend created by journalists since 10 years. Dayve Hawk is back though, after having steadily made his sound evolve with "Player Piano" (his 2nd full length in 2011) and now "Grace / Confusion" which I've had the pleasure to listen to since 2 weeks. 6 tracks, 40mn, the 1st thing that jumps to mind is that Memory Tapes as a project has become more dense and at the same time, has lost it's weight. Secondly, Hawk doesn't care anymore about the pop format, leaving us with an average of 6-9mn of blissful pop and stretching our pleasure as he stretches his layers bringing more dance into his recipe. The 1st single, "Sheila" is the perfect example of a track that you don't want to see ending. Starting as calm and hazy as he usually does, Hawk brings the track to a crazy climax bringing us all on the centre of the dancefloor.


Arpeggios of pure gold flowing in your ears, that's the kind of sensation you'll have when discovering "Neighbourhood Watch", "Safety" and the final track "Follow Me". Starting his project with pop songs that could sometimes be danceable, Memory Tapes has delved into the other side of the mirror, offering a concise dance album with vocals. The difference seems tedious, but believe me, when listening to the album as a whole, you'll understand what I mean.








Primary Genre: Indie


Subgenre: Dance / Electronic


Release Date: 4 December 2012


Label: Carpark


Influences:  Talking Heads, Roxy Music


Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: Washed Out, Toro Y Moi


Album Highlights: Sheila, Neighbourhood Watch, Safety



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"If the rest of the album is anything like Sheila, we'll be in for a real treat, rating tbd"

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