Las Malas Amistades – Maleza

20 July, 2012

By C. Mike


These guys remind me in some ways of the young Mano Negra. They are from Bogota, Colombia; a bunch of stray cats wondering around art meetings, schools and streets, forming in 1994 a wide and varied music collective without any limits for surrender and total freedom of expression. The Mano Negra on the other hand came from Barcelona and played fast and furious political neo punk mixed up with multicultural instrumentation. Both bands are furious. Las Malas Amistades protest with their music, and they name it "Maleza", a revolution in tatters .The point with this band, though, is that they don't shout very loud. Instead they use chill out, slow tempo music to calm your senses. But, behind all that, you start feeling powerful again, you need to shout, injustice exerts from your nostrils, you're fuming like there's no tomorrow, you want to jump up and hit someone in the face.


Yes, it's that powerful.


When I first listened to this amazing collective, I thought that they didn't know how to play music. They were funny in a bad way. But as I kept listening, I realized that skill was not the point and they managed to drag me into a feeling that only hardcore punk bands did till then. Nowadays, they have grown stronger and deliver this gem of wonderful melodic songs, powerful political and social lyrics and a soul bigger than the universe. I might be exaggerating, but check this out.


They have amazing instrumental songs such as Lamento, virgin guitar with melancholic harmonica, Duquesa, multiple guitar strings perplexed with various native percussion forces, and Mas Alla, a personal favorite and a closing of this 28 song album.


They also possess strong lyrics such as (in translation):"This melancholy won't let me sleep, it's not sleep inducing music…these awkward lyrics won't let me sleep…"in "Insomnio", and "If I tell you something, Words of love, Don't run off with my heart, Still, if you do flee, I wish you all the best, Don't crack your head open, Take care",in  "Si Te Digo". You get the point, although it's much better if not translated!


Las Malas Amistades have amazing variety in their hands, changing from male to female vocals, ever-shifting moods, colors and a supersmooth instrumental interplay. It's intimate and powerful, and because of that, Maleza becomes a heartbreaking affair of punk ethos in our times.


We need this feeling.


Especially during these awful times. 




Primary Genre:  World music

Subgenre: Chill out post punk

Release Date: 2012

Label:  Honest Jons Records

Influences: Manu Chao

Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: Mano Negra

Album Highlights: Si Se Puede, Mas Alla, El Otro Dia, Apocaliptica 



















"Interesting vibes, something I need to look into in further detail before passing a verdict..."




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