La Dispute - Rooms of the House

28 April, 2014

By Jeremiah Koecke



Around the dawn of the new decade, a set of new bands, dubbed "The Wave" by the media, came into prominence. Their respective sounds were more experimental and had more in common with the original wave of post-hardcore and emocore of the 80s and 90s rather than the metalcore inflected tunes of A Day to Remember or Hawthorne Heights, for example. La Dispute, lead by vocalist Jordan Dreyer, mix spoken word poetry and post-rock with screamo aggression to bring to the table a sound that is heavy yet poetic, progressive but punk, depressing, yet empowering, all at the same time.

Rooms of the House finds the band expanding on the groundwork they laid with Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair and Wildlife. A band like La Dispute relies on texture and dynamics rather than aggression and angst, though there is still much of that to go around. Dreyer, while still a screamer at heart, has gained greater control of his instrument, holding onto his most unhinged howls until the emotional climax of each song. The band itself is as tight as ever, playing off each other to fantastic results.

While the band continues to progress and show variety, the album does begin to drag around the middle. One would be hard pressed to find a light moment on a La Dispute album. Themes of death and dysfunction, with topical references to hurricanes and car accidents, do not make for a breezy Sunday morning playlist.

La Dispute are a love it or hate it kind of band. Those who are already fans of the band will love this album, despite its flaws, while those who aren't will probably find it claustrophobic, overly long, or at worst, pretentious. While it does stumble at times, it is still a solid album. 




Primary Genre: Post-Hardcore

Secondary Genre: Spoken Word, Post-Rock

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Label: Staple Records

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Album Hightlights: Hudsonville Mi 1956, Scenes From Highways 1981-2009, Extraordinary Dinner Party






La Dispute - Hudsonville, MI 1956




La Dispute - Scenes from Highways 1981-2009