Kid Cudi - SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon

23 March, 2014

By Terence Petersen



Throughout his career, Kid Cudi has repeatedly proven himself willing and able to defy expectation.  Released digitally with less than a day's notice, SATELLITE FLIGHT makes no exception to this rule.  When the album isn't showcasing innovative use of the latest production trends in hip hop, its inclusion of cyclical beeps, phaser effects, and creeping instrumental interludes all serve to paint the image of the Man on the Moon floating through space towards his next adventure.


The distinctly visual aspect of Cudi's artistic process is one not lost on him; he referred to himself as having gone "director" for the album in an MTV interview. Indeed one could draw lines of inspiration between Kid Cudi and the feature film Gravity.  With pulsating drones hovering around close intervals and glitchy melodies advancing slowly but inevitably, one can't help but hear a measure of the techniques Steven Price used to evoke the final frontier in his Oscar-winning score for Gravity.



On the story-arc side of things, the role of the album as a prelude to MOTM III is played out well through a number of methods.  The nostalgic riffs of Going to the Ceremony and the melted down callback of In My Dreams 2015 serve well as narrative restraint, while certain to please fans of Cudi's earlier releases.  The progressive is represented better in tracks like Satellite Flight and the surprisingly positive Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now.  With lyrical themes of taking flight and the power of wizardry, Cudi floats metaphorically above the sorts of pedestals on which other rappers posture themselves, as he continues building himself a literally fantastic image.


Though the album can sound dark in tone, and at times seems to progress slowly, the relative brevity of each track keeps things moving along at just the right pace.  Overall, SATELLITE FLIGHT is full of the personal songwriting and unique production that has made Kid Cudi the widespread success he deserves to be.




Primary Genre: Alternative Hip Hop

Secondary Genre: Cinematic Hip Hop

Release Date: February 2014

Label: Wicked Awesome, Republic

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Album Highlights: Going to the Ceremony, Copernicus Landing, Balmain Jeans





Kid Cudi - Going to the Ceremony




Kid Cudi - Balmain Jeans