Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream (EP)

12 January, 2012

By   Katerina Antonopoulou



When Nixxie messaged me and asked me to write about Keep Shelly in Athens, my immediate answer was "Done. When do you want it?", cause he is Nixxie. And I usually don't say no to Nixxie. (That attitude right there is gonna get me in some serious trouble one day soon.) 


So here I am at 2.30am, staring at a screen, not knowing yet exactly what to write. The reason is relatively simple. This kind of electronica, although sometimes enjoyable for me, is not usually my proverbial cup of tea. Yes I  enjoy my fair share of down-beat, chillout music. But when I came across haunting music like KSiA come up with, I end up feeling uneasy. Plus how can a Greek girl can possibly pass judgment on a Greek duo? A duo which has already toured in the US and is set to appear in Coachella this April? I admit that I am a little biased. Playing live in front of thousands of people -even if you are the first band to open a long day and most people at that time are simply looking for a place to sit, talk and start binge drinking- is a feat. And for a band coming from the musical backwater that is Athens, it's a pretty big one at that. 


KSiA have already released a 12'' and an EP respectively named "In Love With Dusk" and "Our Own Dream". One of the things I like about Sarah and RPR is their honesty through their anonymity. What I mean is they keep a very low profile, wasting very little time and energy in presenting themselves in the public through long interviews. From the covers to the titles you immediately get an idea of what you are about to hear. Down-tempo, bit trip hop, bit dreamy electronic sounds. "Our Own Dream" feels like you're listening to the soundtrack of your life in the city (any city). Songs that remind you of faces long lost (but not forgotten), places you 've walked, bittersweet memories. "In Love with Dusk" doesn't fall far behind. As someone commented on Youtube: "Reminds me of my walks on the beach on a humid Florida morning at sunrise."


"Lazy Noon", the opener, is an ambient track with gentle vocals, while "On Our Own Dream" begins as a lo-fi gem and ends up in a speedy haze of distortion. "DIY" is by far my favorite: Sarah's vocals in combination with the anxiety driven synths give me a restlessness I don't often get through music of this genre. "Fairytale" on the other hand is the one to dance to. When Sarah puts on her Electronic disco hat, her voice reminds me of Ladytron among others. "A) The Rogue Superhero B) Ready to Pay the Price" has a hip hop feeling and boasts very interesting, ethereal even, vocals. Up until about halfway, where we pass to part b and you KSiA set out to prove to us that they also know what a metal-rock riff is all about. 


Overall I feel that although what KSiA have created may not be unique, it's nevertheless entertaining. The only question mark I have is: can they back it up live? Electronic sounds such as theirs are good, interesting, trippy, sexy and almost always make your mind wander. But can they produce those sounds live with the same dexterity they produce them in their studio? 




Primary Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Chillwave

Release Date: 24 Aug 2011 

Label: Forest Family Records

Influences: The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix

Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, 

Album Highlights: On our way, DIY, A)The Rogue Superhero B) Ready to pay the price









"Well if I'm totally honest, the first couple of times I listened to this EP, it didn't quite cut the mustard for me. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, because when I heard it a few more times, I gradually started to warm to it and began to see what all the fuss in Greece about these guys is about. I'm very much looking forward to hearing more, nice work 7/10"






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