Jungle - The Heat

04 June, 2014



By James Forsyth



The recently released EP 'The Heat' comes after the mysterious appearance of the duo known as T and J, releasing music under the fairly ungooglable name Jungle. However, you don't need to know who someone is to recognise their musical genius, as somebody probably once said. Their music instantly transports you to a scene of 90s calmness and iconography. Wistful lyrics combined with tracks so beautifully crafted create a vibe that is beyond chilled. Somehow, Jungle have managed to create a new dimension of relaxation, with a few pinches of spice which don't allow the allure of sitting back and forgetting all your worries to distract from your listening pleasure.



If I was a mental health practitioner, half of the prescriptions I made out to patients would end up being a healthy dose of Jungle. Their gentle and caressing voices backed by shapes carved by angels soothe and protect your mind, easing tension from your body and thoughts. Listening to their music is like observing one of those 3D pictures that change depending on your viewing angle, just when you think it's a good piece of work, another layer comes in that creates a new level of supreme listening pleasure. Allow your auditory digestive system to be rested and invigorated by the quietly brilliant tunes they have in stock.



What I love about Jungle is the level of skill in their work. There're no cheap lyrics about doing every illegal drug on the planet and having sex with Jayden Smith's future twin daughters or whatever, or mind-raping shapes that decimate your brain cells until you love it. It quietly walks in, gives you a cheeky wink, then proceeds to show you exactly what it feels like to be bathed in liquid gold. But liquid gold from the 90s, of course.








Primary genre: R&B



Secondary genre: Electro-funk



Released: 2013



Label: B3SCI Records



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