Hugh Laurie - Didn't It Rain

08 October, 2013

By Katerina


Those of you who are avid readers of this site may have noticed that I am the only girl in it. (ed. note: this was written well before Alexia joined us. Hi, Alexia!) Those of you who are not, well you just learned this tibid of info. Now that we have gotten this out of the way let me talk to you about a crush of mine. He became known next to Stephen Fry. He gained respect when he joined Blackadder at season 3 (which by the way is the best season of all, period.) and hit stardom when he played in House.


Hugh Laurie2


If for any reason you have been living under a rock for the last 30 years and your idea of entertainment is fishing in the North Pole, then please be advised that I am talking about Hugh Laurie. I could write his biography for you and let all of you know about the fact that he has written two novels, he has played in numerous movies, has hosted SNL and has also appeared in the music videos for the 1986 single "Experiment IV" by Kate Bush, and the 1992 single "Walking on Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox, but well, this is not the place for it and Nixxie would probably delete it all in the end. So I shall leave it at that.


Well, my dear Mr. Laurie (obviously when we are talking about an English gentleman like him, Mr. Laurie is the only appropriate way to address him) released his second album on May 2013 entitled "Didn't it Rain" (his first album "Let them talk" was released on 2011) and, boy, is it good.


All of the songs are covers of great blues songs such as the following:

"Saint Luis Blues" by W.C. Handy, which became known when it was performed by Louis Armstrong

"Junker Blues" by Willie Hall

"Kiss of fire" also known as "El Choclo" by Angel Villoldo, one of the most popular tangos in Argentina

"Why don't you do right?" by Kansas Joe McCoy written in 1936

"Didn't it rain" which first appeared around the '20s and became known by Sister Rosetta Tharpe on 1948 and then from Mahalia Jackson in 1953

"Careless Love", a traditional song which became known by the Buddy Bolden Band in New Orleans in the '20s

"One for my Baby", first performed by Fred Astaire for "Sky's the limit" but became popular when it was sang by Frank Sinatra

"Unchain my Heart", written by Bobby Sharp and performed by Ray Charles in 1961

"Send Me To The 'Lectric Chai" first sang by Bessie Smith

"I hate a man like you" sang by Lizzie Miles

 (Obviously I did my research prior writing the above. I know a thing or two about music but I am no John Peel).


As you can all understand it is impossible for me to jugde the quality of all the above songs, let alone state which is my favorite. We are talking about historical songs, afterall. But I can state that Mr. Laurie is undoutbtedly one of the most talented men of the last three decades. He can act, he can write, he can compose, he can play all sorts of instruments (especially the piano and guitar) and he definitely can sing. In several songs he is accompanied by Jean McClain, Taj Mahal and Gaby Moreno while the Copper Bottom Band play all sorts of instruments.



Mr. Laurie and his friends have made an album which is full of his favorite tunes. Jazz, tango and of course blues. An album which brings me a sense of euphoria and one that I keep listening to for the last couple of moths. It is a fact that his work is appealing to most ears out there so I have come to the conclusion (and I'm not saying this lightly) that this is a classic in the making.


PS: If I am not mistaken the small piano with which Mr. Laurie is pictured playing in the cover of the album is the one which was given as a gift to him by Jonathan Ross, when Mr. Laurie made in appearance in his show.







Primary Genre: Jazz, Blues, Tango


Release Date:  2013


Label: Warner Bros


Like This And You'll Probably Also Like:  Don Cherry 


Album Highlights:   Kiss of Fire. Junker Blues, Unchain My Heart




Unchain My Heart




Kiss of Fire




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