Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE

24 January, 2012

By C. Mike


When I met the man back on 2010,outside an Athenian bar, he told me stories I didn't expect to hear. He spoke like a preacher just arriving from a long time hiatus on a mountain eagle's nest. He looked like a beggar, what with his black and white beard nearly touching the ground, and talked the talk. What impressed me was how much he was missing his 3 children and although, after a whole year touring with his best man and producer (The Gaslamp Killer or The Killer plain) the experience was tremendous, he felt tired, exhausted and something missing.  He was a sweetheart.


Now, after a year off the live circuit, the sufi is back. Relaxed, chillin and almost alone. Gonjasufi is back again to darken your soul and stump on your senses.

Now, I just finished listening on this album. You see, I just got it and I really don't want to wait before I can say, it's ok or it sucks. So, the review will be an interpretation of the primary feelings it produces on my autistic system. Here we go then.


On "White picket fence", his paranoid mumblings bring some colourful fusion on the Portisheadesque vibes.


His wife holds the tempo on 2 tracks.  On the first, "Feeding Birds" Gonja's hymn to nature and its dwellings becomes clear on lyrics such as "Corpse are vanishing, trees whispering, winds whistling, candles blow, cactus sweating" as his missus bounces back on "a painful role. thorns that stain, as your halo. Heaven is high and hell is low". On "Skin", the drums are galloping, bringing forward the music and leaving our couple begging "Don't kill me", as if they resemble witches on a burning haystack.


"Nickels and Dimes" and "Rubberband" are  highlights. They feel like one song divided in two parts, like a small pocket symphony full of broken, dirty beats and a sense of a women's choir back vocalling in the far away forest land.

Another good shot on this record is"Timeout", a piano driven musical paranoia which brings us to the biggest highlight of the record and of the year so far. "The Blame" is the song you buy a record for. It's "that song" everyone discusses for years to come. The melody is epic, the vocals magnifying the spectrum of the song. You've really got to listen this.


 Well, that's it. It's a short journey, 27 minutes long, but a mesmerizing one. Gonjasufi is bolder, clinical and more sentimental than his previous effort, but this hasn't stopped him producing another fine record. In the words of the sufi himself "You can put a muzzle on me, cover my mouth, cut out my tongue but the truth will still come out".




Primary Genre: Trip-hop

Subgenre: Fusion break beats

Release Date: 23 January 2012

Label: Warp Records

Influences:  Portishead, Tricky 

Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: The Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Everything from the Botanica Del Jibaro record label

Album Highlights: "The Blame", "Rubberband , "Timeout"











"Being a big Portishead and Massive Attack fan, it wasn't so difficult for me to get into this, although I think Gonjasufi still has a way to go if he's to convert me into a diehard fan, 6.5/10 "




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