Future - Honest

11 June, 2014

By Sam Bartlett



I know many people who believe that the use of auto tune is worse than having rats in your kitchen; due to it allowing people with no talent to appear that they actually do have talent. Fair enough I guess, if I had singing lessons for 5 years in order to follow my dreams, then I'd probably be a little wound up if my mate came along, slapped some auto tune on his voice, and then began living the high life. Luckily for me, I can't sing and I can't be bothered trying, and the extent of most of my friends musical careers involve them drinking 10 pints and then saying "we should start a band".


Whilst Future is considered a rapper, he's hardly a Tupac Shakur with the note pad and pen. Instead, auto tune is the root of his style of music and you'll be hard pressed to hear him without it. I love auto tuned vocals and 808 bass probably more than the next guy. However, when the two are the main feature of each song for 12 tracks it can get a little monotonous. Future does a good job of preventing that on his latest record 'Honest' by weaving in and out of hard hitting trap bangers and chilled melodic numbers throughout the course of the album.  


The two standout tracks for me have to be the title track Honest and recent single I Won. Despite the track Honest  being released many months ago, it's still being played through my speakers frequently enough that my neighbours should at least know the vocal melodies by now. It really is an excellent track and demonstrates Future at his very best. Yes, it is ridden with 808 and auto tune, but it's the dynamics of the song coupled with the weaving piano tones that make it such a great listen.  Recently released single I won featuring Kanye West instantly became a favourite upon my first play through of the album. Future's melodic narration over what sounds like a revamped version of Drake's Marvins Room instrumental is unavoidably catchy. Slower numbers like this serve Future much better, really allowing him to come into his own with his soaring auto tuned melodies. The track also features a verse from everybody's favourite megalomaniac Kanye Kardashian; I mean Kanye West. With the song's subject revolving around being proud of your woman, it's no surprise Yeezy decided to jump on it.  


Benz Friendz is one of the records funkier joints, boasting the addition of the ever flawless Andre 3000 laying down his signature smooth tongue twisting lyrics. The upbeat vocal sampling beat production sets this apart from the rest of the album as it's not something you'd expect to hear from Future, despite that it works very well.


Never Satisfied featuring Drake is another standout, featuring the two artists trading melodies over Mike Will Made It's down tempo backdrop. With it clocking in at less than two minutes long I would have loved to hear more of this song, if only to hear what else Drizzy could have done with that beat.


The heavier songs on the album such as My Momma, T shirt,  and Covered N Money  all start strongly but get boring quickly. These 808 ridden trap joints that we all associate future with seem sluggish and repetitive on this album and pale in comparison to tracks such as Tony Montana and Turn On The Lights  from his previous 'Pluto' record. We all know that Future has been providing the hooks for some of the biggest Hip Hop club tracks of the past year including the likes of Lil Wayne's Love Me and Ace Hoods Bugatti; seemingly at the expense of his own material for this record.


All in all this is a good record. If you were a fan of Future before hearing 'Honest' then you still we be, if you weren't, then you probably won't change your mind.







Primary Genre: Hip-Hop


Secondary Genre: RnB


Release Date: April 22nd 2014


Label: A-1 Recordings, Freebandz, Epic Records


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Album Highlights: Honest, I Won, Benz Friendz






Future - Honest




Future - I Won (ft. Kanye West)