French Fries - Kepler

25 March, 2014

By Tish Sanghera



Oh boy, has the young garçon grown up. Gone are the days, it seems, of Valentino Mora's, a.k.a French Fries, booming beats and mainstream rhymes that saw his early establishment as hegemonic overlord of the Paris club scene. With early track titles such as Yo Vogue and Champagne, his previous work was undoubtedly aimed at the electro ballers and lithe young things of the capital's dance floors, manipulating catchy hip-hop samples and gyrating riddums - he was all about dat bass.


Last month, however, saw the young DJ and co-founder of ClekClekBoom Recordings release his very first 13 track EP and with titles like Program, Forward Action and This Kind of Setup there is no doubt that the album should be taken as the result of some sort of sonic rumspringa, a declaration of his now more refined, directional and downright mature techno sound. Stripping back his more gregarious beat production of yesteryear, French Fries excels in his minimal undertakings. The simply synth-laced rhythm of Explore evokes the sonic abyss of space exploration, as do the futuristic chimes of K62 (featuring long time buddy and collaboration partner Bambanou), with both tracks conjuring up images of astronomical fascination and boyish experimentation. Staying loyal to his House roots, Reality System, perfectly highlights the producer's graduation to the parameters of bona fide techno; although I admit it is more than slightly repetitive for its 5 minute duration, it's this track that showcases the album's project to the full - a kind of electronic space odyssey from what I can gather… Kepler then, apparently named after a NASA vessel currently in orbit, seems to be a rather appropriate name for this project, and also for an artist who appears to pick out names with a stroke of the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Google button.





Primary Genre: Techno


Secondary Genre: Deep House


Release Date: February 2014


Label: ClekClekBoom Recordings


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Album highlights: The track Bug Noticed, whose bizarre bleeping and mechanic monotony is oddly soothing.





French Fries - This Kind of Setup




French Fries - Bug Noticed




French Fries (Feat Bambounou) - K62