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27 January, 2013

By Nixxie 


Here's some ultra brief background info to get us started: Foxygen are an experimental rock project from Los Angeles comprised of Sam France and Jonathan Rado who share a passion for Led Zep and all the other legends of rock. "We Are…" is the group's first full length LP following from 2012's Take The Kids Off Broadway.


Musically, they draw inspiration from practically everything BIG in rock since the Beetles and Dylan. The singing is at times very reminiscent of Mick Jagger; at other times we get whole chorus structures that seem to have been copy-pasted from an Elvis song (like for example Blue Mountain's ode to Suspicious Minds). There are so many parallels to be drawn upon listening to this album, so many tributes / references / allusions / influences that I could probably write on for a good while before getting to he nitty gritty of this. Which is really where i want to get because once you get past all of the above, what you have here is some very enjoyable, well constructed, witty at times, hook-laden at others, good old fashioned yet at the same time tailor-made-for-2013 rock music.


I would even go as far as to say that once you've spent enough time listening to this, you end up sensing an underlying originality trying to break through the layers of pre-inspired melodies.

Tracks like my favorite on this album San Francisco and Oh Yeah get incrementally better each time you listen to them. San Francisco, with it's "I left my love in San Francisco / that's ok, i was bored anyway / i left my love in the room / that's ok i was born in LA" chorus, has hooks so big they've picked you up and transported you all over the West Coast by he time the 3:47 are up.


Another favorite is Shuggie - I love this track, its lyrics, the instrumentation, its catchy chorus and the tempo shifts. Speaking of tempo shifts, Foxygen do a really great job throughout the album contrasting their choruses and their verses. The last track Oh No 2 is a perfect closer, wrapping up what by the end feels like a high-production value journey through rock's greatest minds filtered and manipulated and infused with a distinct Foxygen veneer.


I didn't find there to be too many weak tracks on We Are, though the opener In The Darkness was somewhat underwhelming. If I had to point out another weakness, it's the length of this album, which is dangerously close to being in EP territory. And possibly the range of the vocals does not exactly match the high level of instrumentation and musicianship. Yet all of these negatives are easily overcome - just listen to San Francisco one more time and all is forgiven.




Primary Genre: Rock


Release Date: 21 January 2013


Label: Jagjaguwar


Influences: Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, The Beetles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Elvis, The Unicorns, Iggy Pop


Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: The Black Keys


Album Highlights:  No Destruction, San Francisco, Shuggie, Oh Yeah







San Francisco





Oh Yeah 







"If 2013 continues the way it's starting, we're in for one heck of great year! 8/10"


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