Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind

03 March, 2014

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By Tish Sanghera


I have to admit I've somewhat neglected poor old Kieran Hebden. Denying him my full audio attention, always just quite happy to nod along and agree with general popular consensus that his electronic epigraphs are among the best of the moment, aware only of his collaborative work with Burial and their widely acclaimed tracks 'Moth' and 'Wolf Club'.


It was by accident then that I found myself one weekday evening (in the midst of one of those YouTube- procrastination black-holes you can only seem to get yourself in when you have the most urgent of tasks staring up at you) streaming Four Tet's seventh album Beautiful Rewind, start to finish, un-interrupted, with no regrets and paralysed with pleasure. Not sure what I was expecting, and truthfully not really expecting much, this was the kind of startling surprise comparable only to that of discovering your phone survived a 3 hour long soak at 90 degrees in the washing machine and still works. A purely winning situation.


This dense electronica is injected with a strong vein of jungle beats, incorporating the amusing rhythms of rave culture and its playful attitude to often random and absurd sampling. Opening track Gong is chaotic and disjointed, a wondrous entrance into the album's clearly targeted destination, the dancehall. The album's flagship track is undoubtedly Kool Fm, a nod to pirate radio and the subversive influences of 90s garage whose nostalgic beats lend a distorted pulse to the energy of the whole album. Personal highlights include Parallel Jalebi and Ba Teaches Yoga, both containing haunting female vocals and the kind of hypnotic chopter beats that leave you circulating on your saddeningly static plastic office chair. Special mention goes to Your Body Feels, the heady closing track with powers of transportation into such extreme reverie that I opened my eyes to genuine disbelief that I wasn't in fact reclining on paisley clad scatter cushions in a fin-de-siècle Peking opium den. In short, a great album that travels through decades, traverses genre and explores sensation - a perfect hit of sonic bliss. 





Primary Genre: Electronica


Secondary Genre: House


Release Date: October 2013


Label: Text Records


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Album highlights: Closing track 'Your Body Feels'. I dare you not swerve ya body to this one. Go on. I dare you.




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