Dictaphone - Poems From A Rooftop

14 May, 2012

By C. Mike


The "Green Movement" of Iran, where people shouted their dissatisfaction to the elections from their rooftops back in 2009, is the inspiration behind this magnificently calm, yet full of boiling anger, album. Oliver Doerell and Roger Doring have made 2 more albums, in a 10-year band span.


Oliver and Roger, from Brussels and Berlin respectively, met in 1998 and, amazingly, found out they shared the same passion of the jazz music made in Brussels during the 80's.


After 2 exhilarating and critically acclaimed records, M=Addiction  in 2002 and Vertigo II in 2006, these poems are marking their 3rd effort in producing smokey jazz atmospherics but, with brains and radicalism, as never before.


Songs like THE CONVERSATION which initiates proceedings in a minimal electronic beat but with a magnificent clarinet work from Doring set the tone of the record. MANAMI is another delight with the wonderfully placed violin of Alex Stolze crucially mixed up with a guitar slide tune.


As the record progresses, the experience gets better and  you understand there is more than instrumental music in this. If you have in mind the social power movements of the 60's throughout the whole listening, then you can hear the people's cries in songs like SOYLENT GREEN(1973) and  the title song POEM FROM A ROOFTOP.


Injustice, solidarity , harmony and sadness are some of the numerous ingredients on this tasty soup. And , when the voice of Mariechen Danz comes into the picture on RATTLE , your body is ready to dance in a truly melancholic pattern. She sings  "beat an empty barrel with the handle of a broom to rattle rattle rattle…" and I already feel newborn in a different universe!


This record needs to be heard as a whole because it's a journey - call it political, call it melancholic, it remains a complete experience.


I can't wait for their next album in 3-4 years time (let's hope). But til then, immerse yourself in these truly great poems from a rooftop where people shout their anger and our 2 German friends distill these in an array of powerful songlines.







Primary Genre:  Jazz

Subgenre: Minimal electronic jazz, Avant garde jazz

Release Date: 13 April 2012

Label:  Sonic Pieces

Influences:  Miles Davis 

Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Swod, Triosk 

Album HighlightsThe Conversation, Manami, Rattle















"I credit C. Mike for bring this two-piece to my attention since I hadn't heard of them before. I really enjoyed listening to this and for the time being I'm totally caught up with tracks like The Conversation and A Bout De Souffle, a must have album for all minimal / avant garde jazz enthusiasts, 8.5/10 "





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