Arve Henriksen - Places of Worship

09 January, 2014

By C.Mike


Everyone of us has a place to worship. Be it an unforgettable trip you may have had or a exquisite love story in a remote place, everyone has a totem of unforgettable magic in his/her head that is sacred, beautiful and a place to travel back to.


Arve Henriksen makes these memories sound even more powerful, with just his instinctive trumpet style surrounding the aural space around your memories.

His Scandinavian roots make this album not as cold as his whereabouts, instead the tunes warm up, build up and explode, only in a silent yet powerful way.

This guy's use of the trumpet may bring to mind Miles Davis's 'Sketches of Spain', but his unique style in distorting the effect, using a double trumpet at the same time and recruiting his angelic voice in two of the songs here (Lament and Abandoned Cathedral), make this album a much more mystic and spiritual experience that no matter what your taste is, it possesses the power to travel you far into a new world.


This spirituality is even more enhanced if you know that Arve wrote this album having in mind abandoned churches and religious places of all kind.


Most of the songs here follow a trumpet-samples-bass formula where the trumpet plays a leading role but field recordings surround the spaces between, forming surreal dreamy soundscapes (Le cimetiere Marin), strange hissing sounds out of a teapot are added on Alhambra, and heavy sounds and sampling prevail on Saraswati, the album's peak song.

The big surprise, though, comes when you realize that on Lament and AbandonedCathedral,the voice is of the maestro himself, an almost girly, high pitched voice that you certainly don't expect to come from a Norwegian trumpet master.


On the last song of the album, Erik Honore, a Norwegian writer and musician, comes along to finish off the trip. His voice, that of a younger David Sylvian, emerges as an appropriate finale to this array of sound memories. And with his own words, he concludes:


"Those moments of desire, the force that pulled us under, the wire in the blood that's tearing us apart. So give me shelter from the storm, give me calm to know."


And this shelter is what everyone seeks. If we are lucky to find it in this glorious music, then so be it. 




Primary Genre: Jazz


Secondary Genre:  Ambient, spiritual jazz, minimal 


Release Date:   6 September, 2013


Label: Rune Grammofon 


Like This And You'll Probably Also Like:   Dictaphone, Nils Peter Molvaer, Swod 


Album Highlights:   Saraswati, Shelter from the Storm, Le Cimetiere Marin 








Shelter from the Storm




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