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Darren Cunningham, aka Actress is an English producer of some of the most unpredictable experimental avant-garde electronica around. His latest offering, R.I.P., is in my very humble opinion simply sublime. If he were painting his music, I'd imagine a Jackson Pollockesque outcome du genre:


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I'm going to review this a little differently from the way I normally do it, by listing and discussing the tracks I enjoyed the most. (On verra apres ce que ca donnera... gulp)



Track #1: R.I.P.

We get started with Death. Eerie, heavy, dark, powerful, magnetic, captivating.






Track #2: Ascending

After Death comes, one hopes, ascension (to the heavens perhaps?). Regardless, this is what I want looping around in my head the next time I go late night swimming. 






Track #5: Uriel's Black Harp

I can imagine her playing her harp in some opulent 19th century palace reception room, white marble floors, masked after party goers drifting in and out of view. How can 2:28 minutes give you so many highs and lows all in one?






Track #6: Jardin

Lie down in a garden in springtime and tell me if this doesn't fit... 






Track #10: Raven

Ravens have often been associated with the dead and lost souls. And although the central theme for R.I.P. is, hint hint, the afterlife, this track feels strangely uplifting. And the key word is feels, since you feel rather than hear it.






Track #12: Caves Of Paradise

Another reference to the next journey. It sounds echoey like a cave would. Not sure if this is the paradise he had pictured in his mind. Maybe he needs to get through the caves and onto the other side?








Track #13: The Lord's Graffiti

I guess he made it through the Caves of Paradise and got to sample some artwork on the way... This one lifts me up bigtime, oh yes.






Track #14: IWAAD

It Was All A Dream. One I just don't want to wake up from. Good thing is, I can have it again and again.







Primary Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Avant-Garde, Experimental, Instrumental, Minimal

Release Date: 23 April 2012

Label: Honest Jon's

Influences: Aphex Twin

Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: Jimmy Edgar, Galaszcek, Tim Hecker

Album Highlights:  R.I.P., Ascending, Jardin, Raven, Caves of Paradise







"A few months on I am still trying to get to grips with this... 7/10"






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