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26 February, 2013

By Nixxie 


Acid Pauli is one of many pseudonyms used by German electronic music producer Martin Gretschmann. In his Notwist and Console reincarnations, Gretschmann is far more club oriented whereas with Acid Pauli he focuses on deeply atmospheric, sample-heavy music. 


On mst, the vibe you feel right from the first track, Open, is a mixture of experimental, minimal and to a certain extent progressive. A lot of the tracks here tend to build up to a climax of sorts. Perhaps climax is too strong: they build up to a kind of musical plateau let's say. The music on this LP is reminiscent of Nicolas Jaar-type material, which is not very surprising considering mst was released on Jaar's Clown & Sunset label. It remains to be seen whether these two will come up with any collaborations in the future, possibly they are a little too alike, but who knows, the combo could yield some very interesting results.


The track that initially caught my attention was A Clone Is a Clone. I instantly connected with the edgy feel this tune carries, to the point where it made me want to move to it (or at the very least nod my head in approval). On subsequent listens I particularly enjoyed the low frequency centered rhythm in the second half of the song.


The next track, Palomita Step, is my favourite off this album. Although it is under two minutes long, I think the arrangement is incredible, the effects used give a lot of depth and, most of all, I simply love the way the song concludes - a sublime ending for an inspired piece of music.


Equation of Time and Requiem for a Loop follow and both should be credited for the artful manner in which they move along. Requiem, with its straightforward beat and melodies, is one of the more immediately accessible pieces on the LP. 


La Voz Tan Tierna is one of the album's undeniable highlights. It features a number of samples that are masterfully arranged and tweaked. It is also an ode of sorts to the late Chilean songwriter Violeta Parra Sandoval. If there is one thing I would have liked changed on this otherwise highly entertaining song it's the clicking sounds that I feel end up dominating the experience. 


The two last tracks Eulogy to Eunice and the aptly named Close are well structured and indeed well placed at the end of album. Overall, looking at mst as a whole. the overriding feeling i get is one of wanting to hear more. That's not to say that this album underdelivers, there are some very good moments here. But it feels like Acid Pauli is saying "here's something to get you started". If that's the case, then I'll be very curious to see what the next installment will be like since I feel it will need to live up to the promise being laid down here.






Primary Genre: Electronic


Secondary Genre: Ambient


Release Date: 7th September 2012


Label: Clown & Sunset


Influences: Autechre, Leonard Cohen


Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: Nicolas Jaar, Valentin Stip


Album Highlights:  A Clone is A Clone, Palomita Step, La Voz Tan Tierna







Palomita Step






La Voz Tan Tierna




 Acid Pauli





"Can't wait to hear more, 7/10"


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