Mission Statement

"Only the best music on the net"

It's Fluffy® aims to seek out and bring to its users' attention high quality music new or old. The website's main goals are simple:

  • Bring together music enthusiasts so that they may contribute their views
  • Share our thoughts with a wider audience - that's YOU!
  • To NOT take ourselves too seriously

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Furthermore, in line with this generally quite light-hearted approach, It's Fluffy aims to entertain its viewers by scouring the internet for so-called "Fluffiness" (and also by making fun of itself and mainly its founder in whatever way possible)


We live in an increasingly busy world and a lot of us often find that we often have less and less time doing the things we love. If listening to music is one your favourite pastimes, then hopefully this website will make the task of finding new material a whole lot easier.
There are two sides to It's Fluffy that need explaining. Firstly, all you need to know about this website is that it was a way for us to share with our friends whatever musical trends, bands, acts, songs, videos etc might be tickling my fancy at any given point in time; this first aspect is very simple insofar as all we're doing is getting a bunch of music nerds together (including myself) and getting them to talk to you about music they like.
I've placed quite a lot of emphasis putting together a team of real music lovers to contribute their views. Contributors are as important to It's Fluffy as the music itself and I've specifically attempted to create profiles for our main Fluffy reviewers so that readers may in time develop a loyalty or affinity for whichever contributor most closely fits their tastes.
The second aspect that needs some explaining is Fluffy himself. Yes, that's right. 'Himself', not 'itself'. Fluffy is a real, flesh n bones person. And he's quite a character. You may have met him without even knowing it. Or you may have heard about him from others. Its more than likely that if you haven't already encountered him, you will at some point in your life.
Most of the pieces of the puzzle that is Fluffy's life will be made apparent gradually throughout this website. Very briefly, Fluffy started his meteoric rise from very humble beginnings before developing into the jet-setting, party-loving, über-socialising being that he is today. His story is fascinating. I hope to share it with you here and one day maybe you too will turn, gasp and point before screaming "LOOK! IT'S FLUFFY!!!"

About Nixxie

Here's a quick time-line of my musical education:
Age 7: Tears for Fears came out with their hit single "Shout". Without knowing what exactly was happening or why, I became obsessed and would often spend whole afternoons listening to this song again and again. My love of music began well before then, since both my parents were both avid appreciators of the art form, but I think this was nevertheless the first point in my life that I became a true enthusiast.
Age 11: It's 1991 and for Christmas I get my first Compact Disc player. Up until then everything I had was either Vinyl or Cassette format. My first CD is Seal by Seal. I still listen to -and love it- to this day.
Age 12: I discover my brother Nikolas' enormous Vinyl collection and proceed to listen to each record one-by-one. 3½ months later I'm into The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Prince & The Revolution, Kansas, Tesla and Willie DeVille.
Age 13: My cousin Kimon buys me Annihilator's  new LP "Set The World On Fire" for my birthday and sets in motion a chain of events that leads me to loving the world of metal for life.
Age 14: I discover Snoop Doggy Dogg and Nirvana. Not at the same time.
Age 15: A new kid called Daniel comes to school having transferred from the Lycee Francais in New York City. We eventually become friends and he introduces me to The Notorious BIG, Mobb Deep, Gravediggaz and Smif n Wessun. My education in hiphop and rap has begun.
Age 16: Commencement of the 'Metal versus Punk' wars, pitting me against two of best friends, Eric and Olivier. They liked NOFX, Rancid, No Use For A Name, Pennywise, Millencolin. I didn't want to admit it because of my metal allegiance, but my education in Punk had begun.
Age 17: I get my drivers license. I decide that in order to ride with my friends in style, a home-made Prodigy mixtape is essential. My love affair with said band is still as strong as ever. Thus began my education in electronic music.
Age 18: I go off to Uni, and end-up meeting two guys, Mark and Loukas, who, among other things, also had a major part to play in my music education. KLF, Freestylers, Asian Dub Foundation, White Zombie, Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys - these are just some of the names I got into a lot more.
Age 20: I get into dj-ing, house music, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren, Sasha, Mr Scruff, the Ninja Tunes label and many others.
Age 21: I get my first full-time job as a graduate management trainee for a large independent music group called Sanctuary. I spent 3 years there from 2001 to 2003 and during that time I had the privilege to work with some very entertaining and much-like-myself musically obsessed people. Not to mention acts like Iron Maiden, GnR, Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Funeral For A Friend, and labels like Rough Trade, Trojan, Sanctuary Records and many others. I was lucky enough to meet Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith,  Nicko McBrain, Jimmy Page, Paul Weller,  Neil Tennant, Lemmy, Michael Amott and the others from the Spitirual Beggars and Arch Enemy, Corey and the guys from Slipknot and a lot of others… And I was fortunate to work with some really fun people, all of which had some influence on my ongoing musical education (cheers Shag, Dando, Mallo, Tony Beard, Gavin H., Kasra, John Rees, Wheeler, Maya Ajura, Pete Bowker, Iain Sylvester, Bob Ward and Johnnie Allen)
Age 23: Rudolph, Eric, Olivier and I restart a band (The Surfing Elephants) we had started back when we were in school. As with back then, I once again play the drums, somewhat poorly it must be said, but the experience of playing live with others and of writing your own music is incredible. I can't recommend it enough.
Age 27: While on my home-island of Kefalonia I meet someone who will change my life for the better in more ways than one, including finally getting me more into Greek music - thanks Pat!
Ongoing: I have continued expanding my horizons in this matter with an open mind. I've been to over 500 concerts, from large 50,000-people-packed stadium affairs (AC DC, Metallica) to tiny little 250-people-gatherings (Dirty Beaches, Handsome Furs, Slightly Stoopid), and a whole lot of in-betweens. I'm now in serious danger of permanently damaging my hearing, so if you see me wearing earplugs, you know why! Tinnitus ain't funny by the way… I generally try to listen to what my friends have to say and recommend so they've all had their impact on me whether they know it or not. I can't possibly mention everyone who may have had a hand in this molding of my brain and ears, so I'll just say thanks to all, you know who you are!

Important Disclaimers

Throughout this website you will read or hear a lot of opinions about what constitutes good or not so good music. It is CRUCIALLY important that you remember that these are purely our opinions, and should therefore be treated as such. I do not intend to provide you with an authoritative guide to what you should listen to, nor I am I trying to tell you what is 'good' and what not. Instead all I'm trying to accomplish is to share with you what I like and, if you find that our musical tastes are aligned, to get you to discover new music you might otherwise have overlooked.
Since this site is devoted to music, it would have been slightly strange if it didn't contain any music for its users to listen to. I have tried to use sources that are available on the internet for everyone to use and have paid particular attention to avoiding any potential copyright of IPR infringements. If any of these do occur, it is certainly not my intention. If anything, I wish to promote musical awareness.